Q: I ordered more than one item, but they did not all come. What should I do?

A: As Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson once said, "Don't worry, be happy." Your orders may be coming at different times. Make sure to check the tracking number! If you cannot find it or you are certain the entire order did not arrive, please reach out by emailing shopdummiesstore@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to help. 


Q: Are these dog toys safe?

A: As with any dog toy, it is recommended to watch them while they play as they can end up being a choking hazard. You wouldn't leave a baby alone with toys, would you?


Q: Some of your pictures have dogs and other items in them. Are these included in the purchase?

A: Obviously not. Although the dog models are cute, they are not included in any purchase. Neither are any of the props. If you are unsure what is an actual product and what is a prop, then I don't know what to tell you...


Q: Why are you calling me a dummy?

A: We are all dummies! I call my dogs dummies and they are family. And I want you to be a part of the dummy family!


Q: What made you choose dog toys and treats?

A: Dogs do 3 things: Eat, Play, and Sleep. It's a hard life they live and what better way to make their life harder than with more toys because they can never be spoiled enough.


Q: I would love nothing more than to follow Dummies on all social media platforms, what platforms are you on?

A: We gotchu.

Facebook: Still contemplating if we want a Facebook...

Instagram: @ShopDummiesStore (Send a DM with your dog and we will not hesitate to share with the world)

Twitter: @ShopDummiesStore (Get ready for some spicy tweets)

Tik Tok (yes, Tik Tok): @ShopDummiesStore


Q: Do you have any dogs?

A: No. Just kidding of course we do! A golden retriever chow mix (He is old and grumpy, but still manages to look like a teddy bear) and a playful and goofy Siberian husky.