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These dog toys are made of recycled materials. They are good for your dog and even better for the environment!

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Homemade Recycled Dog Toys!

Dog toys come in many different shapes, colors, and materials, but in this day and age, a focus on recyclable material is important. Not only are they non-toxic to animals, but they are also environmentally friendly. There are thousands of dog toys that are made in factories causing a massive carbon footprint and then once they are done being used by animals, they will take years to decompose, filling up landfills and wasting vital space. Our goal is to reduce this waste and increase the popularity of recyclable toys. The best part of recyclable dog toys, is they don’t need to only be bought from stores. They are as simple as DIY with items lying around the house that you may not use anymore. So before you throw something away, your dog might find it as an enjoyable dog toy. If you want to learn about some fun ideas, keep reading!