Top 10 Dog Parks In The United States

Top 10 Dog Parks In The United States

Top 10 Dog Parks in United States

Have you wondered where the best dog parks in the United States are?

Well we dummies did, so we decided to rank them.

My dogs always seem to be happiest running free and we all get the comfort knowing they are burning energy and getting to socialize with other dogs which is very important. We have some dog parks around us in Charlotte, NC but the majority of them are an acre or two, have water buckets for the dogs, and MAYBE a couple obstacles. If they are fancy then they will have some benches and/or a shelter from the sun. That’s what I thought all dog parks were like, but then I got curious, what if there is more out there? What if there is something greater in this big world? I mean c’mon this is the United States, there’s gotta be someone who wanted to go crazy with a dog park. I was right.

There are a bunch of really cool dog parks that have obstacles, water, shade, events, and so much more. Because of this, I had to figure out what the best ones were. How would you even rank them you ask? Well that’s easy. I put multiple factors into account: park amenities, extra activities and structures for hoomans, water, the acreage, if it’s fenced in or not, the cost, restrooms, if it’s divided for small/shy dogs, and finally, the views. Each one of these was then weighted in importance and given points. Unlike Whose Line Is It Anyway, these points matter. Now let me go into detail about what each factor means and what it’s weighted.

Amenities (25%)

This is the heaviest weighted and the most important. The dog park is for the dog, so the more things the dogs can do, the better. This includes, obstacles, agility courses, ponds, sand pits, etc.. you get the idea. 

Extras (15%)

Extras are more for the hoomans. What can we do while at the dog park besides stand and watch. This includes, but not limited to: benches, shelters, events, and art structures. These kind of things to help us stay entertained while our dogs are entertained. 

Water Features (12%)

This includes, ponds/lakes/oceans/pools, really just any water feature. If it has one then it gets points! 

Acreage (10%)

Acreage is important. Unless your dummy just sits by your feet because they have social anxiety, they will want to run all over the place. If the park has more than 5 acres for dogs to roam then it gets points!

Cost (10%)

This one is important because "the freer the better" as they say. If a dog park is free, it gets points! 

Fenced-in (10%)

We love a fenced in dog park. Taking our dogs off leash and not having to worry if they run off? Perfect. It is more difficult to fence when there are more acres, but some places manage. If it is fenced-in or has fenced-in sections then we gave it a point.

Views (10%)

It's all about those views. We put into account whether the views are parking lots or massive mountains surrounding to really immerse you in the dog park experience. We are suckers for a good view at Dummies, so if there is a view, then the park gets a point.

Small/Large Dog Sections (8%)

Segregation is bad, but sometimes we need to separate the big dogs from the little dogs; the men from boys; the wheat from the chaff. They may confuse them for chew toys and we don't want that. We gave a point to the dog parks that put this into consideration. Sorry small dog owners, it's for the dog's own good.

We went through almost 20 parks that sparked our interest and put into account each of these above qualifications and then rated them. We will be adding the review here as we release them on our Tik Tok, so follow us there or Instagram to get the video versions! @ShopDummiesStore

We hope you enjoy and comment letting us know whether any should be higher/lower!

#10 Willow Creek Dog Park - Prescott, AZ

At #10 is Willow Creek Dog Park. This one the Beneful Dream Dog Park competition and got an extreme makeover in 2014. At 2.3 acres, it is firehouse themed which is perfect for that Arizona Heat. It is completely fenced in and has sections for the small and large dogs. As far as amenities, it has an obstacle course, and different things for your dog to climb on including a small little firetruck (perfect for some modeling images). 

There are also fire hoses that will shoot out water for those dummies to play in when they get hot and even a fire hydrant for them to pee on! For those who need some shade, this place also has shaded structures to retreat from the sun under. It is a great place to bring your dog and let them burn some energy. 

This place is nothing crazy, but we enjoy the firehouse theme and having it be a memorable park that both you and your dog(s) will thoroughly enjoy.

Check out the Willow Creek government website for more information.

#9 Warren G. Magnuson Park - Seattle, WA

Next on the list is Magnuson Park in Seattle, Washington. This is the only off-leash dog park within city limits. 8.6 acres is fully fenced in with another 350 acres to explore around it.

Within the off leash dog park, there is a section for both small/shy and large dogs. Not only that, but there is also access to the lake Washington shoreline which means cool water for your dog and picnic tables you can sit at while they swim.

My favorite part of this park is the VIEW. You can see Mount Rainier in the distance and it is absolutely incredible! Just check it out for yourself: 

Don’t miss out on what’s beyond the fenced in section though. There is great wildlife and bird watching, or government spy home stations if you believe birds aren’t real. There are a ton of trails to walk on including a shoreline trail that follows Lake Washington.

Depending on the season, you can catch a baseball game or even join in on one as this place has athletic fields included. There is also a community garden to stroll through and an amphitheater where you can catch a performance.

There is plenty to do here and you could easily spend a whole day outside at this park. Best of all, it’s free!

If you’re in the Seattle area and need somewhere to bring your little dummies, we recommend the Magnuson Park. 

Check out the Seattle parks website for more information

#8 Newtown Dream Dog Park - John's Creek, GA

Coming in at #8 is Newtown Dream Dog Park which is located in John's Creek, GA. The park is about 30 minutes outside Atlanta (as we all know, it could end up being an hour away with that ATL traffic).

This parks really sets itself apart from the others! It was the winner of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Competition and is spectacular. It is a fully fenced in 1 acre park with areas for both large and small dogs. 

It includes a great mix of things for your dogs to do including obstacles, water features, bridges, and tunnels, so when your dog gets too hot, there are plenty of ways they can cool down. 

As for the hoomans, this park provides enough shade along with water fountains to stay cool.

Newtown Dream Dog Park provides an amazing atmosphere and a ton of things for your dog to do. This park keeps in mind both dogs and humans by providing water, shade, and places to sit. You and your furry friends won't get bored here, so if you are in the John's creek area, check out Newtown!

Check out the John's creek parks website for more information.

#7 Shawnee Mission Dog Park - Lenexa, KS

Let us introduce you to the largest fenced in dog park on our list at 53 acres fenced and 1600 acres total to explore.

 Shawnee park is about 8 miles northwest of Topeka, KA and provides activities for an all day trip. At Shawnee, there is access to a large lake where people can fish, swim, and most importantly, let your dog run free off-leash. Included in the off-leash area are hiking trails, shelters, and a section of the lake you can bring your dog for a swim. It includes a nice beach to hang out and relax at also.

Shawnee park has miles of hiking trails available to explore. This includes both wooded and paved trails.

If the woods aren't shaded enough, there are also shelters around the park for you to be able to get some shade for those hot days. These include picnic tables, which are great for a little lunch break.

For the Kansas fam, if you are near this park and haven't checked it out, we definitely recommend! It is great place to have a lake day and we can guarantee your dog will be exhausted once they get home.

Check out the Johnson County Park and Recreation website for more information.

#6 Dog Wood Park - Jacksonville, FL

Dog wood park may be the 6th best dog park on this list! Based in Jacksonville there is plenty to do at this park. There is around 40 acres at Dog wood and 25 of them are fenced.

dogwood park jacksonville florida sign photo image picture

There is both a large and small dog area, obstacles, a full agility course, hiking trails, and most importantly a nice sized lake. It seems like it is filtered and kept clean, so there is no need to deal with that muck all over your dog. Can't forget the fountain in the water!

dog wood park jacksonville florida lake photo image picture

If they end up getting a little muddy or dirty, there is onsite dog wash stations along with toys, drinks, and snacks to purchase. And don't worry if you work late because there is a lighted area that is open from 7PM-10PM!

dog wood park jacksonville florida image picture photo

Dog wood is also able to rent out either 1 or 3 acres for events, festivals, or parties. Not many dog parks can offer that. If you want to visit this dog park, they do require proof of vaccination for the dogs and a membership fee which is either daily, monthly, or yearly. The membership starts at $11 and it is worth every penny!

Check out their website for more information.

#5 Dog World Dog Park - Kannapolis, NC

This is one of the most memorable parks on our list and is completely set apart from a normal dog park. Dog World is located in Kannapolis, North Carolina which is just north of Charlotte. It is 16 acres, fenced in, with plenty to do!

dog world dog park kannapolis north carolina nc maps view photo image picture

There are already water parks for humans, but have you ever heard of a water park for dogs? Dog World is exactly that. It has an olympic sized swimming pool, water slides, a pond, and even an agility course.

olympic sized swimming pool dog world dog park kannapolis nc north carolina image picture photo

I mean just look how happy this dog is here!

dog water slide dog world park kannapolis nc north carolina photo image picture

There is plenty of space for your furry friend (or friends) to run around here. If they are tired of the water, there are acres of land they can play on and toys throughout for them to enjoy. They also provide on site dog training through StonePaw dog training.

Dog World also hosts events year round that can include a dog breed day like this golden retriever day! (I can not get enough of this)

golden retriever day dog world dog park kannapolis nc north carolina photo image picture

To ensure the safety of all the dogs, they must have vaccinations along with a temperament evaluation before being able to enter. Dog world also has on hand employees to help guests and dogs. As a special treat, they also sell pup cones which are well-deserved after a long day of playing. Each month they feature seasonal pup cups. The one below was their halloween selection from 2021.

pup cone dog world dog park kannapolis nc north carolina photo image picture

Dog World is not free, but is a membership only park. As of August 2022, their first time day pass is $35 and $10 for any additional dog. A returning day pass is $25 and $55/month for a monthly pass. Although these prices are more expensive than some of the other parks, it is well worth it with the amount this park offers. It will be my next dog park I visit! 

Check out their website for more information.

#4 Hugh Rogers WAG Park - Whitefish, MT

Our next one on the list is in Whitefish, Montana. This park is tucked away from any major city, making it a hidden gem within Montana. It is 5 acres, fully fenced in with plenty of things to do to keep your dog busy. It also has it divided for the large and small dogs. 

hugh rogers WAG dog park pavilion whitefish Montana photo image picture

This park has paved paths for easy walking, benches if you need a break, agility courses, and a pavilion which is great for parties and events. The best part about this park is beautiful pond that your dog can play, and the even more beautiful views that surround this park.

hugh rogers WAG dog park pond whitefish Montana photo image picture

Look at these views! It is all of Montana summed up in 5 acres of dog park. You may even be lucky enough to catch a train go by on the tracks across the street.

hugh rogers wag dog park whitefish montana photo image picture

It doesn't stop at just the pond and views. WAG park also has dog wash stations which are great after a long dirty day. 

hugh rogers WAG dog park wash station whitefish Montana photo image picture

Hugh Rogers WAG park is a great spot in Whitefish, Montana and although it may be a trip to get to this dog park, it would definitely be worth it and if you manage to go during the ski season, you may be able to catch some people hitting the slopes in the distant.

Check out their website for more information. 

#3 Bear Creek Farm - Colorado Springs, CO

In the beautiful state of Colorado, sits an incredible dog park in Colorado Springs. This park is 25 acres, fenced in, and absolutely incredible.

bear creek dog park colorado springs colorado welcome sign photo image picture

Inside of the fence is a section for both small and large dogs (if you haven't been able to tell, we think this is pretty important). The park contains great hiking trails through the woods that let you walk with your dog off leash. If you are wanting to train your dog, there is a great agility course that you can't find at many other dog parks. You can't forget the stunning views of the Rockies that surround the park.

bear creek dog park colorado springs colorado agility course photo image picture

Bear Creek dog park also features a part of bear creek, so your dog has the ability to go for a swim. And to clean them off, there are dog wash stations you can use. This dog park has plenty of features while keeping a natural vibe to it.

bear creek dog park colorado springs colorado creek photo image picture

One of our favorite parts of this dog park, which really sets it back from all the other parks, is the dog memorial they have near the entrance. Dog owners have the opportunity to place their very own plaque in the memorial by filling out a form from their website. It is an amazing way to remember your furry friend.

bear creek dog park colorado springs colorado memorial photo image picture

This park has some amazing amenities and the dog memorial is an incredible memorial. With over 100,000 visitors per year, Bear Creek is a staple of Colorado Springs. If you are looking for somewhere to bring your dog in the Colorado Springs area, you need to check out Bear Creek Dog Park!

 If you want to learn more, visit their website.

#2 Dog Mountain - St. Johnsbury, VT

Okay although this is #2 based off our rankings, this is easily my personal favorite. This dog park sits on 150 acres of beautiful mountain top. Although it is not fenced in, your dog is able to roam if they are off-leash trained and can stay by your side. 

Dog Mountain St. Johnsbury Vermont Dog Park photo image picture

This park is filled with streams, ponds, and fields to run around year round. You can also hike through over two miles of trails through the wildflower fields, forests, and breathtaking views. The trails also contain artwork from Stephen Huneck throughout. The dog park also has an agility course to try out and show off if they are pros. 

Dog Mountain St. Johnsbury Vermont Dog Park agility course photo image picture

The views, trails, and agility course are amazing, but what makes this park so special? Dog Mountain has the Dog Chapel and it sets it apart from every dog park in the United States. This chapel was inspired by Stephen Huneck and has been the staple of Dog Mountain.

Dog Mountain St. Johnsbury Vermont Dog Park dog chapel photo image picture

Inside the chapel contains pictures of dogs that have gone over the rainbow bridge and is an incredible place to remember them. Huneck asked people to bring pictures of their late dogs to hang up inside the chapel. Now, the chapel is lined with photos of dogs from all over the world.

dog mountain st johnsbury vermont dog chapel inside photo image picture

Stephen Huneck perfected this dog park and made it a dream dog park. He filled the park with amazing artwork that adds to the breathtaking views that already surround Dog Mountain.

Dog Mountain Dog Park st. johnsbury vermont artwork stephen Huneck photo image picture

On the 150 acres, Dog Mountain hosts events year round which include dog parties and even concerts! There is also a gallery with art pieces, books, furniture, and other unique items for purchase. The park is absolutely free, but does accept donations. 

Dog Mountain Dog Park st. johnsbury vermont concert series photo image picture

I wish words could do this park justice, but it is something you need to visit. If you are in St. Johnsbury or anywhere near the area, this park is a must!

If you want to learn more, visit their website.

#1 Shaggy Pines Dog Park - Ada, MI

We are finally at the top dog park in the United States - Shaggy Pines dog park in Ada, Michigan which is right outside Grand Rapids! This park is 20 acres, with 15 of them completely fenced in. It is filled with towering pines, rolling hills, and green fields for your dog and you to enjoy.

shaggy pines dog park ada michigan photo image picture

Inside this beautiful park is plenty to do. For starters, there is a massive field for your dogs to run and play. There is also a pond for swimming and a massive sand pile your dog can dig in until they can't dig anymore. 

shaggy pines dog park ada michigan pond photo image picture

Had to share this picture because look how much this dog loves the sand pile!

shaggy pines dog park ada michigan sand pile photo image picture

If you are wanting to move around, there is a mile long hiking trail you can take while your dog follows along or goes and plays. If you want to relax, Shaggy Pines provides a coffee and treat bar and lounge area that provides free coffee and popcorn. More snacks and drinks are also available for purchase. 

shaggy pines dog park lounge area ada michigan photo image picture

 After a long day at Shaggy Pines, your dog will most likely be dirty. Luckily, they provide self-serve dog wash stations and drying areas.

This park has it all. It is membership only and your furry friends will need to have their vaccinations prior to visiting. For those one time visitors, they have a daily rate, but if you live in the area, we recommend the gold membership which allows for visits any day of the week!

If you want to learn more, visit their website.

We had such a great time finding these incredible dog parks and hope you enjoyed learning about them. Let us know what you think! Should any be higher or lower?


(all photos from google images/maps and used as reference. Thank you for sharing these photos)

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