Product Review - Clean Earth Plush Squeaker Toy

Product Review - Clean Earth Plush Squeaker Toy

Clean Earth Plush Squeaker Toy Product Review

Clean Earth Plush Squeaker Toy - 4.25/5

Today we are reviewing the Clean Earth Plush Squeaker Toy!

There are multiple variants we have of this toy, but for this review, we got the Large Manatee. This toy is great in many different ways. Most importantly, it’s made of completely recycled materials and can be recycled once your dogs are done with it. Who doesn’t love something that is good for the earth? This toy is soft, but has a vinyl material for the fins (arms?) and tail. The squeaker is in the back end of the manatee and worked great. Plus it’s pretty cute looking which I liked. I’m sure that influenced my dog’s opinion on it too. 

After checking out the label and everything, it was my dogs turns. Before even taking off the label they were excited and knew exactly what it was. My golden chow could not wait to play with it. He is way more gentle with toys, so he can make a lot of use out of these toys. He will chew on it lightly and throw it around having a great time. 

My Siberian husky on the other hand…

He gets a toy and immediately chews at it and when there is a squeaker he is determined to get it out. Within a couple of days, he managed to tear a hole in the toy, forever injuring the manatee. 

He absolutely loved it though and would carry it around everywhere. 

Overall, it’s an amazing toy with a bunch of different animal options, two sizes, and having it be made of recycled material makes it even better. I recommend getting this for more gentle dogs who won’t tear it up in a few days though, if you want the toy to last. 

Enjoy dummies!

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