How to Solve Shedding with ANY Dog!

How to Solve Shedding with ANY Dog!

Does your dog shed insane amounts?

Dogs shed, that’s just a way of life. Some more than others. When you picked out your fur baby, you may not have considered just how much fur they may shed. Now you’re a couple months in or maybe years in and you are unable to control the fur everywhere. It’s on your clothes, your couch, your bed, and you’re flying through lint brushes. Through hours of countless research and studying, we determined the BEST way to solve your shedding issues.

Here’s how to decrease shedding in 5 simple steps.

Step-by-Step form:

1. Own dog that sheds

2. Place hand on dog

3. Scratch dog so their tail is wagging and/or leg’s kicking (this step is very important)

4. Loose fur will come off of dog

5. Clean up and throw away fur, so it doesn’t reattach to your dog


Now in Haiku form:

Give your dog scratches.

The ones where their leg’s kicking. 

They will be relieved.


By following these steps at least twice a day, shedding should dramatically decrease in your dog. The more this procedure is done, the less shedding that will occur. 

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