Hey Dummy! Welcome to the newest online pet store!

Hey Dummy! Welcome to the newest online pet store!

Why Dummies?

I am just a normal guy with two dogs, a golden retriever chow mix and a Siberian husky and they are both dummies, but they are my dummies (surprise - that's where I came up with the name).

I will be honest, there are other websites to choose from, but it isn't about the money here, we want to provide an easy user interaction with you guys while having it feel relaxed and relatable with our customers and more importantly, helping out the earth, one bark at a time. We are starting out providing recycled and all natural hemp toys. As time goes on, we want to add more products that are focused on being the best for your pet. This includes more hemp and recycled toys, CBD treats, and biodegradable toys. As dummies, we want to stay transparent with our customers and we promise to provide that. That is what we think will set us apart from the big corporations, or "the man" as some call it. What will also set us apart? Our social media. We aren't doggin' you when we say we have some great humor and want to share it with you dummies. We also plan to review our products so you will have an idea about what you are buying, before you buy it. the first product we bought to review is our Clean Earth Manatee (Large).

These come in multiple different animals and either large or small. Once we receive it, we will review, but it recycles at least 8 water bottles per toy which isn't a lot, but every bit counts. We will cover this more on our Tik Tok showing how the dogs react to it. We hope you stick around! Our Tik Tok is @ShopDummiesStore

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