The 8 Best Dog Costumes for 2022

The 8 Best Dog Costumes for 2022

8 Best Dog Costumes for 2022

Looking for a creative dog costume for your dog? Look no further! These are the 8 best costumes that will have your dog winning Halloween in style.

UPS costume

Your dog will be deliverin' packages and receivin' looks with this stylish outfit. USPS is also available if you want a more traditional look!

Price: $34.99

Site: Etsy

Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus

Your dog will want to have a child on toast when they put on this costume!

Price: $49.00

Site: Amazon

Spider Dog Costume

Creeping and Crawling, but this spider barks!

Price: $33.59

Site: Amazon

Boxer Dog Costume

This is even better if you have a boxer.

Price: $13.00

Site: Target

Stranger Things Demogorgon

Eleven wouldn't even be able to take down your dog in this costume

stranger things dog costume photo image picture

Price: $18.05

Site: Amazon

Walrus Dog Costume

Tusk me, your dog will look adorable in this costume!


Price: $29.99

Site: Halloween Costumes

Chucky Costume

Hidey-Ho! Take this costume to go!

Price: $25.42

Site: Amazon

Cowboy Rider

"Save a horse, ride a dog" - This dog, probably

Price: $9.90

Site: Walmart

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