8 Homemade Recycled Dog Toy Ideas!

8 Homemade Recycled Dog Toy Ideas!

Recycled Dog Toys

Dog toys come in many different shapes, colors, and materials, but in this day and age, a focus on recyclable material is important. Not only are they non-toxic to animals, but they are also environmentally friendly. There are thousands of dog toys that are made in factories causing a massive carbon footprint and then once they are done being used by animals, they will take years to decompose, filling up landfills and wasting vital space. Our goal is to reduce this waste and increase the popularity of recyclable toys. The best part of recyclable dog toys, is they don’t need to only be bought from stores. They are as simple as DIY with items lying around the house that you may not use anymore. So before you throw something away, your dog might find it as an enjoyable dog toy. If you want to learn about some fun ideas, keep reading!

8 Recycled Dog Toy Ideas

Are you interested in providing your dog with recycled dog toys and can’t find one that catches your eye? Whether you are tight on budget or looking for fun and innovative dog toys, check out these recycled toy ideas!


Sock puppet dog toy

A fun and easy idea that you can try is making sock puppets for your furry friend. You can fill a few old socks with some tennis balls and crinkle material if you have some laying around! Then all you have to do is sew the top of the sock shut. If you have string or rope, you can also cut a hole in the sock and put rope through it, giving you something to throw for your dog!


The Tubular Sock

The tubular sock toy will have your dog busy for hours! It’s eco-friendly, filled with squeakers, crumbled paper towels, or crinkle material. You can even fill it up with your dog’s favorite treats. Once you’re finished filling up the sock, tie off at the top with string and your dog is ready to play. 


The Bottle Socket

A water bottle is a simple and effective use for dog toys. This one provides a reward on the inside and will keep them playing with it.  All you need to do is fill an empty water bottle with small treats. Put the bottle into a sock or fabric, like a shirt, and tie it off with string. If you have sewing experience, you can also sew it shut. 


Toy for Fun Sound

If you want a fun and unique new way of making sound for your pup, try taking an empty water bottle and filling it with small household items that make noise. You can use beans, change, or beads to stuff the bottle. After putting a sock around the bottle, tie off the top and your dog is set. Once you give your dog this toy, they’ll be shaking it around and having loads of fun chasing their new noise maker! 


Sealed Sneaker

Everyone has an old shoe laying around and if your dog loves shoes, the sealed sneaker is a great option. Start by removing laces and the tongue from your stinky foot holder. You can then stuff it with your dog’s favorite treats or a squeaky toy. Once you have stuffed that stinker sneaker, sew up the opening or put it in a sock and sew it shut. Voila - a new inexpensive and durable toy for your pup.


DIY Tug Toys

Do you want your dog to be entertained for hours? DIY tug of war toys are one of the best ways to keep your dog busy and well-exercised. For aggressive chewers, you can make your own hemp toys by using hemp rope and a tennis ball. There are also many different variants you can do! 

You can easily make a tug toy by cutting or drilling a hole into a tennis ball. The hole should be able to fit the rope. You will then slip the rope through the tennis ball until it is in the middle of the rope. With both ends of the rope, tie a knot against the tennis ball so it can’t move. You can either leave it like that, or tie the open ends together so there is a handle for the dogs to pull.


Cardboard Carnage

Recently moved? Left over amazon boxes? Why not turn them into your own personal agility course! You can make a tunnel and let them run through or jump over. This is a great way to train your dog and help them get adjusted to obstacles that could be at a dog park.


Dog Rope Toy

If you have some old rope laying around, you can easily turn them into a fun tug-o-war dog toy rope and are perfect for the aggressive chewer! This works best with all natural rope whether it is hemp, jute, cotton, or another kind.

Simply cut a piece of rope to about 3’ in length (the length will depend on how long you want to make the toy). Tape each end of the rope and tie a knot on both sides, leaving the tape exposed. If the length is to your liking, take off the tape and fray the ends of the rope using a comb. Your dog now has a great tug rope they will be able to play with for hours. If it is long enough, you can also tie knots throughout the rope to give them more to tug.

dog with toy in mouth rope photo image picture

What do you think about these dog toys? Do you have any recycled or all natural, homemade dog toys that you like making for your furry friend? Let us know in the comments!

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